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Undressing for a  massage...
When I got my first massage I had no idea how far to undress.  The therapist just said get undressed and I'll be back.  Does that mean like everything? or just down to my boxers?  How about my socks?  Can I leave them on?

Basically this will answer any question you have about getting undressed for a massage.  Remember the following concepts when thinking about getting undressed for a massage:

  • The therapist is fully comfortable with you being nude under the sheet/blanket.
  • The therapist is trained to drape you properly so that no private areas are exposed to the therapist while the therapist is giving you the massage.
  • If you are not comfortable with being nude under the sheet/blanket, then you should leave whatever clothing on so that you feel comfortable, up to and including, being fully dressed.
  • If you are nude under the sheet/blanket the therapist is not going to take this as you making sexual advances.  The therapist has no interest in sexual interaction.
  • The therapist will adjust their massage techniques to using pressure over the areas where you choose to leave clothing on (i.e., if you left your underwear on then the therapist could apply pressure to the gluteal region but they could not massage the area with lubricant because your clothing is in the way).
  • You have the right to leave on as much clothing as you want.  There is no requirement for you to get undressed down to a certain level to be massaged.  You are in full control and don't let any therapist tell you otherwise.
  • If you do not want to take off your bra but you still want your back to be massaged, then leave your bra on and ask the therapist to unhook your bra when you are on the table and they will re-hook it after the back massage is complete.  If you wish to leave your bra hooked at all times then it is likely the therapist will not use any lubricant on your back and just do compression because your bra and straps will be in the way.
  • Once you leave your underwear (boxers or panties) on they will stay on during the massage.  They will not get adjusted or pulled down.  The only exception to this is if you want lower back work done.  The therapist, with your permission, can adjust the top waist band lower to accommodate more access to your lower back muscles while still keeping your underwear on.
  • If you leave your underwear on, the therapist will usually tuck the sheet just under the band of your underwear so as to hold the sheet in place and also to prevent any lubricant from getting on your underwear during the massage.

The following is just about being nude under the sheet
I am discussing undressing down to being nude under the sheet because most people don't know it is perfectly acceptable to be nude under the sheet (without it being a sexual thing).  Being nude under the sheet actually helps the therapist because it allows the greatest access to your muscles to be worked on which makes for a more relaxing therapeutic massage for you.

Now some people find being nude under the sheet just too uncomfortable.  That is ok.  It is not a contest to see who can get nude under the sheet the fasted.  There are many clients who start out leaving their underwear on until they get comfortable with the idea of being massaged and then later try getting a massage being nude under the sheet.  

I can tell you from my experience that getting a massage and letting the therapist have full access to your muscles makes it a more complete fulfilling massage.

IF... you give it a try and are getting a massage while being nude under the sheet and you find that it is just too uncomfortable, then please tell the therapist and they can leave the room while you put on whatever clothing you wish to put on so you feel comfortable.  The therapist can then come back into the room and resume the massage.  This is perfectly acceptable and the therapist should be accommodating and make you feel comfortable to do this if you so desire.




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